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Yes they did. On January 5th 1983 they beat Duke 84-77.

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Q: Did Wagner college ever beat duke in basketball?
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Who won the national college championship in basketball in 1994?

Arkansas beat Duke 76-72 to win the NCAA men's basketball tournament in 1994.

What was the name of the college when Duke played their first basketball?

Basketball came to Duke University in 1906 when the university was known as Trinity College.

Which the most winner duke or Notre Dame college basketball?

duke or notre dame college basketball most win series??

What was the name of the college when Duke played their first basketball game?

What was the name of the college when Duke played their first basketball game? Trinity University

What is the duke college basketball 1999 results?

38-2. Go Duke!!

Who is tallest college basketball team?


Where did grant hill play college basketball?

Grant Hill played college basketball @ Duke University......Durham, N.C.

When was the last time Michigan beat duke in basketball?


Is Duke a good college basketball team?

No way!

What is some of the best colleges for basketball?

duke university is the best college for basketball

What are the longest college basketball rivalries?

Duke and North Carolina

What team won the 1964 njcaa basketball championship?

UCLA beat Duke.

List of most wins in college basketball since 2000?


Which womens NCAA college basketball teams have the most wins?


Who has the most road wins in Mens college basketball?

Duke University

Who is going to win this years college basketball?

Duke all the way.

Which team has the most wins in college basketball since 1990?


Who won the last NCAA basketball championship?

Duke beat Butler 61-59.

Which womens NCAA college basketball teams hve the most wins?


Who won last year's college basketball championship?

the duke blue devils

Who won last year championship college men basketball?

Duke Unviversity

What Duke University men's basketball players wore jersey number fifty in college basketball?

your mom.......................................jk jk Tyler Hansboro wore the number 50 in college

Who has the most college basketball wins?

Kentucky has the most wins in college basketball. because last year Kentucky was the first team to wins over 2000 basketball games in college basketball and are still adding on more wins as the years go on. not Louisville, not UNC, not even Duke.

What are the longest running sellout streaks in college basketball?

Duke has sold out 339 consecutive home games through the end of the 2011-12 season. Source: Duke Basketball Game Notes issued by Duke Athletic Department

Which Duke Basketball player wore number 6?

No Duke basketball player ever wore the number 6 in college. The NCAA only allows numbers 0-5 to be used for jersey numbers.