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Q: Did Vince young play for Texas longhorns?
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Who did vince young play for?

In college he played for the Texas Longhorns, and in the NFL he's played for the Tennessee Titans.

Where did Vince Young play college football?


What years did Vince Young play for Texas?


Young made a great play to give Texas an amazing Championship thriller ending. What did he do?

Vince Young, then the University of Texas quarterback, ran for a touchdown in the final seconds of the Rose Bowl to give the Longhorns a 41-38 win over the University of Southern California Trojans and give Texas the BCS National Championship.

What Texas University did bobby lackey play for?

Um he play for The University Of Texas Longhorns

What team did carla cortijo play for?

the Texas Longhorns

Who did Texas longhorns play in the national championship?


When did Vince Young play quarterback for Ohio State?

Never. He only played for Texas, and in 2003-2005.

What city did the Texas longhorns play their first football game?

In 1893 the Texas Longhorns beat Dallas U 18-16 in their first ever game

Which baseball position did Ricky Williams play for the Texas Longhorns?


Which baseball position did Cedric Benson play for the Texas Longhorns?


Did Zach brockman play for the Texas longhorns?

Yes. He played from 1995-1998.