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No, that was just a storyline.

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Q: Did Undertaker really burn his brother Kane's face?
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Did Undertaker really burn his brother Kane27s face?

undertaker and kane aren't brothers, just really good friends

Did mankind burn Kanes face?


How kanes face burn?

I doesn't technically, Its mostly fake.

Did Undertaker burn his arm in 2001?

nope they faked it

Why does everyone say that the undertaker died?

Well, To tell you the truth, the Undertaker actually did die, that's why he's called the "dead man", and if you ask how, a long time ago, some guy named Paul Bearer helped Undertaker's brother Kane burn the Undertaker and then he died and arose from the dead in that very same night, and that was around WrestleMania 13, which seemed like ages ago to some people, but that's exactly what happened.

How did the Undertaker burn his house?

He was trying to cook a cheeseburger and the greese hit the wall and the wall caught on fire

Are Kane and Undertaker brothers?

they r fake bros and win undertaker was little his mom dad and bro died in a fire. so its really fake :)they are step brothersNo, Kane`s real name is Glen Thomas Jacobs and he was born in Madrid, Spain. The undertaker`s real name is Mark William Calaway and he was born in Houston Texas.No their not brothers that's just their characters but they are half brothersANSWER: They are technically brothers. Kane was adopted into mark calloways family when they were babies sense kanes father died and moved in with his mother who was also marks mother as well...they grew up together. when they were kids Mark supposively burned down the family funeral house Killing his parents and his younger brother...Kane did not die he did escape with horrible burn scars mark blames himself for what happened to their family he new better than to let his younger brother play with matches and flammable liquids...although some people say that it was actually Kane who set fire to the funeral house.NoThey are not actual blood brothers. The entire thing is part of the WWE storyline.No, they are not actual blood brothers. It's only a part of the story line.

What is the name of the coen brother's latest movie?

Burn After Reading

Did Undertaker burn down his parent's house?

Theyre parents died in a house fire when Kane & The Undertaker were kids: Kane found a box of matches and he started playing with it and the undertaker blames himself because he says he shouldve known better than letting Kane playing with the box of matches They also found oil, which helped cause the fire. i dont think they really did Its not real its part of the storyline between undertaker and kane's relationship

Who plays Michael weston's brother on burn notice?

Nate Weston, Michael's brother, is portrayed by Seth Peterson.

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Not really.

Does sam axe play michael's brother on burn notice?

No he is just his friend...michaels brithe in burn notice is nate