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I don't think he did because if he did he would be in jail right now

Of course not.

Answernow that's all storyline the only hting real is the moves but the punchin..common bro no body can take so many punches and stay up no matter how much ya train and boxes use gloves and sometimes knock out people in 10 punches so imagine it witout gloves... exactly so yea cya THE REAL ANSWERthere is a video on YouTube that explains it all. its called undertaker explains the death of his parents
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โˆ™ 2011-09-12 21:40:03
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Q: Did Undertaker burn down his parent's house?
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No he did not burn his parents he burned Kane face

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the storyline is fake none of the "undertaker killed his parents and left his brother Kane for dead" is true Kane and undertaker are considered storyline brothers just like edge and christian, and the major brothers. they are not related in real life but are friends

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