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Yes, he did. Troy played football at Douglas High School in Winston, Oregon.

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Q: Did Troy Polamalu play high school football?
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What year did Troy Polamalu attend high school?

Troy Polamalu graduated from Douglas High School in Winston Oregon in 1999.

Where did Troy Polamalu go to High School?

Douglas, Oregon. Very small school in the middle of nowhere.

What is Troy Polamalu's official fan mail address?

Fans can send fan mail and autograph requests to Troy Polamalu at Pittsburgh Steelers,Attn: Troy Polamalu, 3400 South Water Street, Pittsburgh, PA 15203. Troy Polamalu is a strong safety for the Pittsburgh Steelers. He was born in Garden Grove, California, and attended Douglas High School and the University of Southern California.

What high school did Troy Polamalu go to?

He went to Douglas High School in Winston, OR. It's near Roseburg, OR. The mascot was ironically the Trojan as well.

What middle school did Troy Polamalu attend?

He attended Winston Middle School in Winston, Oregon before going to Douglas High School which is also in Winston.

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