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He played in high school but it was his worst of the three sports he played (football, Basketball, and Baseball)

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Q: Did Tom Brady play basketball
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What sports did Tom Brady play as a child?

Basketball, baseball, and football.

Does Tom Brady play professional football or basketball?

You're kidding right? Pro American Football.

What inspired Tom Brady to play pro football?

who inspired tom brady

What team does Tom Brady' brother play for?

Tom Brady doesn't have a brother

How old was Tom Brady when he started to play profesional football?

how old was tom brady when he first started to play professional football

What position did Tom Brady play in baseball?

Tom Brady was a catcher when he played in high school

Did Tom Brady play xfl?

Tom Brady never played in the now defunct XFL.

Is Tom Brady returning to the NFL?

Yes, Tom Brady will return to play in the 2009 season and seasons after that.

How many college football teams did Tom Brady play for?

Tom Brady was a quarterback for the University of Michigan

Did Tom Brady play for the lions?

No, Tom Brady has only ever played with the New England Patriots

What college did NFL player Tom Brady play for?

NFL player Tom Brady played for Michigan.

Did Tom Brady play on The Brady Bunch?

No. He was born after the Brady Bunch ended.

What did Tom Brady play?


Is Tom Brady the best quarterback to play on New England Patriots?

depends on the persons pro's or con's of Tom Brady

Is Tom Brady going to play in the Super Bowl?


Will Tom Brady play in the next game?


What sports does Tom Brady play?


What sport does Tom Brady play?


How many teams Tom Brady play.?

Tom Brady has played for only one NFL team, the New England Patriots.

What team name did Tom Brady play in college?

Brady played for the Michigan Wolverines

What baseball position did Tom Brady play?

Tom Brady was a catcher when he played in high school

Will Tom Brady play in the 2009 season?


What position did Tom Brady play in the MLB?


How many superbowls did Tom Brady play in?


Did Tom Brady ever play for the Atlanta Falcons?