Did Tom Brady play baseball

Updated: 10/14/2022
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yes he did, but he left Baseball to play football at the university of Michigan

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Q: Did Tom Brady play baseball
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What inspired Tom Brady to play football?

who inspired Tom Brady

Did Tom Brady play baseball for U Michigan?

As far as I konw, he played FOOTBALL for Michigan, not baseball.

Did Tom Brady play xfl?

Tom Brady never played in the now defunct XFL.

What did Tom Brady play?


What sports does Tom Brady play now?

He only plays football now, but he used to play baseball in high school as well

Did Tom Brady play for the lions?

No, Tom Brady has only ever played with the New England Patriots

What college did NFL player Tom Brady play for?

NFL player Tom Brady played for Michigan.

Is Tom Brady returning to the NFL?

Yes, Tom Brady will return to play in the 2009 season and seasons after that.

What sports does Tom Brady play?


What team does Tom Brady' brother play for?

He plays for the New England Patriots

Is Tom Brady the best quarterback to play on New England Patriots?

depends on the persons pro's or con's of Tom Brady

Will Tom Brady play in the 2009 season?