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He went to University of Washington but he didn't graduate. He quit so he can go play Baseball.

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Q: Did Tim Lincecum graduate from University of Washington?
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Where did the mlb pitcher Tim Lincecum go to college?

University of Washington.

Who won the Golden Spikes Award in 2006?

Tim Lincecum, University of Washington

Where was Tim Lincecum born?

Tim Lincecum was born in Bellevue, Washington.

Did Tim Lincecum actually graduate from UW?

No, he left early.

Where did Tim Lincecum grow up?

Washington state.

Does Tim Lincecum have kids?

No, Tim Lincecum does not have any children.

What is the birth name of Tim Lincecum?

Tim Lincecum's birth name is Timothy Leroy Lincecum.

Is Tim Lincecum gay?

Yes. He wears a Catholic bracelet with the Blessed Mother around his left (non-pitching) wrist.

What nicknames does Tim Lincecum go by?

Tim Lincecum goes by The Freak.

What was Tim Lincecum's major in college?

No. He quit college so he can go play baseball in the MLB.

What is Tim Lincecum's number?

Lincecum wears jersey number 55.

What is Tim Lincecum's birthday?

Tim Lincecum was born on June 15, 1984.