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Q: Did Tiger Woods play any other sports in high school?
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What other sports does Tiger Woods play?

He probably doesn't have time to do many other sports.

Does Tiger Woods play other sports?

He probably doesn't have time to do many other sports.

Did Tiger Woods play other sports when he was younger?

no you dumb idiot

Has Tiger Woods like any other sports?

Yes, football and wrestling

Does Tiger Woods have a six pack?

Probably not because golf doesn't involve as much physical activity as other sports.

Where did Tiger Woods go to middle school?

Tiger Woods attended college at Stanford University. It was here that he was named an All-American on a golf scholarship.

Does Tiger Woods have children?

Yes, Tiger Woods has 2 kids.

Who is more famous Tiger Woods or Bob Marley?

It must be Tiger Woods because I never heard of that other guy.

Why did Tiger Woods go to Lincoln memorial?

To get to the other side?

Did Tiger Woods play any other sports growing up?

He played baseball, basketball and ran track. His parents made him choose one to focus on, and he chose golf.

What does Tiger Woods do when he is not golfing?

He likes to go on his Yacht, and play other sports such as Tennis and Basketball. He also likes to spend time with his many celebrity friends and go watch other sports. He obviously likes spending time with his wife, children and mother.

What hobbies does Tiger Woods dislike?

anything other than golf