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Q: Did Tiger Woods keep his first putter?
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Can the masters keep tiger woods out of the tournament?


Why is a golf putter shaped like it is?

the putter has the least amount of loft to keep the ball on the green while putting with no loft the putter looks straight

How do you arrange golf bag?

Anyway you want. The best thing to do is keep woods together, keep irons together, keep wedges together and putter separate if possible. Try to have the clubs descend down the bag in order of distance, ie driver down to wedge.

Why does Tiger Woods PGA tour keep freezing on your ps3?

could have some currpt data on the game or check the disc for scratches

Does Tiger Woods have any qotes?

Just keep trying. by the way hes has a book called start something Just keep trying. by the way hes has a book called start something

What do you need to keep a pet tiger?

It's illegal to keep a pet tiger.

Why did Tiger Woods' dad distract him when he swung?

It was this training method that his father used to try and take Tiger Woods to the next level. He used to throw his bag down in his back swing and things like that to distract him, and teach him to keep his concentration when playing. Although he still doesn't like it when people take a photo in his back swing.

How does a tiger keep itself warm in winter?

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Do golf pros use same clubs from tounament to tournament?

Generally the pros appear to keep their clubs for a good time. They would usually find a driver and fairway woods that suits them and keep these for a while, they would also keep their irons for a while as well but would occasionally check them to make sure the loft and lies are correct. They would change their irons if the manufacturer brings out a new range, and also if the grooves get worn down. With the wedges, pros would change them quite often to ensure the grooves are always sharp so they can get plenty of spin and keep control over the ball. They would usually keep their putter for a couple of years, Tiger Woods is an example of this, they do this so they are not getting readjusted to a new one ever so often.

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