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Not at all

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Q: Did Theo Walcott carry the Beijing 2008 Olympic torch?
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Did lee shinkin carry the Beijing 2008 Olympic torch?

Yes, lee shinkin did carry the torch and so did theo walcott

What does the Olympic torch stand for at Beijing Olympic?

It stands for a scroll.

Why did they carry the olympic torch?

For s'mores.

Who is the youngest person to carry the olympic torch?

Me :)

When was the olympic torch in Canary Wharf?

For the 2008 Games in Beijing, the Torch was at Canary Wharf on April 6, 2008.

Did David Beckham carry the olympic torch?


Who carry the olympic torch in 1956?

Ron Clarke

What is the thing that you carry in the Olympics with fire on it?

The Olympic Torch

What happens to the Olympic torch in the night time?

they carry on in the night.

How many people will carry the 2010 Olympic torch?


How many people will carry 2012 Olympic torch?


On which day place and country did they light the Olympic torch?

In 2008 it was in Beijing, China on 08-08-08.