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Terry Hanratty was on the Steelers roster for Super Bowls IX and X but did not appear in either game. He dressed for Super Bowl IX but not for Super Bowl X.

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Q: Did Terry Hanratty appear in a Super Bowl?
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Who did Terry Bradshaw backup?

don't quote me i think it was joe gilliam and terry hanratty Mike Kruczek for one, Cliff Stoudt also has 2 super bowl rings 1974 - Joe Gilliam, Terry Hanratty 1975 - Joe Gilliam, Terry Hanratty 1978 - Mike Kruczek, Cliff Stoudt 1979 - Mike Kruzcek, Cliff Stoudt

Who has the most Super Bowl rings and has never gotten to play in the Super Bowl?

Terry Hannraty.. Actually Terry hanratty definitely played In Super Bowl X.. He did not have a pass attempt, but he did hand the ball off 4 consecutive times to try and finish the clock, after Bradshaw was knocked out of the game while throwing the GW 64yd TD to Swann...

How many Super Bowl fumbles did Terry Bradshaw have?

Terry Bradshaw had 3 fumbles in his Super Bowl career.

Did Terry Crews win a Super Bowl?

No. Actor and former NFL player Terry Crews never won a Super Bowl.

Who besides Donovan McNabb has worn the number five as a quarterback in a Super Bowl?

Paul Hornung of the Green Bay Packers wore number 5 in the first super bowl in 1967. I don't think he played in either game but Pittsburgh's backup quarterback for Super Bowls IX and X, Terry Hanratty, wore number 5.

Who has more Super Bowl rings Troy Aikman or Terry Bradshaw?

Terry Bradshaw has won four Super Bowl rings, Troy Aikman has won three.

How many Super Bowl interceptions did Terry Bradshaw throw?

Terry Bradshaw threw four interceptions in Super Bowl play. He threw one against the Dallas Cowboys in Super Bowl XIII and three in Super Bowl XIV against the Los Angeles Rams.

Who was the MVP of Super Bowl fourteen?

terry bradshaw

Do super bowl quarterbacks appear at pro bowl?


Who has more Super Bowl wins Terry Bradshaw or Joe Namath?

Terry Bradshaw; Bradshaw has 4 Super Bowl rings compared to 1 for Joe Namath.

How many Super Bowl MVP's did Terry Bradshaw win?

Terry Bradshaw won the Super Bowl MVP Award two times.Super Bowls XIII & XIV.

Who was the Super Bowl winning quarterback for the Tampa Bay Bucs?

Steve Spurrier was the starter and Parnell Dickerson and Terry Hanratty were the backups.