Did Terry Fox like reading

Updated: 12/19/2022
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Q: Did Terry Fox like reading
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What sports did Terry Fox like to play?

terry fox like to play basketball, soccer, and rugby. mostly basketball.

What did Terry Fox like?

He has curly hair

Middle name - Terry Fox?

Terry Fox Middle Name Was Terry:)

What are Terry Fox's famous quotes?

terry fox eve

What can you learn from terry fox?

Whatever Terry Fox knows

What does ou est ne Terry Fox mean?

Où est né Terry Fox? = Where was Terry Fox born?

Did terry fox have any pets?

yes terry fox had a pet aligator

How did Terry Fox start his career?

he was smelling like garbage

What does Terry Fox like to eat?

diet coca cola

What is it the real name of Terry Fox?

terrance"terry"stanley fox

Was Terry Fox a Canadian?

Yes, Terry Fox was Canadian.

Terry fox is a Canadian history?

Yes, Terry fox is canadian.