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Q: Did Terry Bradshaw ever lose a Super Bowl?
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Terry bradshaw ever lost a superbowl?

Terry Bradshaw is a perfect 4-0 in Super Bowl play.

Did Terry Bradshaw ever win a Super Bowl?

Yes, he did. Terry Bradshaw won four Super Bowls. All with the Pittsburgh Steelers.(IX, X, XIII and XIV)

Who was the first Pittsburgh Steelers quarterback to play in the Super Bowl?

Terry Bradshaw was the Steelers starting quarterback in Super Bowl IX. It was the teams first ever Super Bowl appearance.

Why do people remember Terry Bradshaw?

Because he has 4 Super Bowl rings and was one of the best QB's Pittsburgh ever had.

Was Audrey Bradshaw ever married to Terry Bradshaw?


Which two NFL quarterbacks tied with the most super bowl victories ever?

Through Super Bowl XLII, that is Terry Bradshaw (SBs IX, X, XIII, XIV) and Joe Montana (SBs XVI, XIX, XVIII, XXIV), each with 4.

Have 2 Super Bowl winning QBs ever started in the Super Bowl?

Through Super Bowl XLII: 1) Super Bowl X -Terry Bradshaw of the Steelers (won Super Bowl IX) and Roger Staubach of the Cowboys (won Super Bowl VI). 2) Super Bowl XIII - Terry Bradshaw of the Steelers (won Super Bowls IX and X) and Roger Staubach of the Cowboys (won Super Bowls VI and XII). 3) Super Bowl XVIII - Jim Plunkett of the Raiders (won Super Bowl XV) and Joe Theismann of the Redskins (won Super Bowl XVII). 4) Super Bowl XXIX - Steve Young of the 49ers (Super Bowl XXIII and XXIV) and Stan Humphries of the Chargers (Super Bowl XXVI). Both were backups for those teams. Kurt Warner of the Cardinals (won Super Bowl XXXIV) and Ben Roethlisberger of the Steelers (won Super Bowl XL) will be the 5th pair of QBs.

Was Terry Bradshaw the best Super Bowl quarterback ever?

Not the very best, but one of the top three quarterbacks in Superbowl history. Cases can be made that Tom Brady and Joe Montana were better.

Who was the best nfl quarterback ever?

terry bradshaw

Did Terry Bradshaw ever wear a different team jersey?


Who is the most successful football player ever?

Joe Montana or Terry Bradshaw

How many quarterbacks have won 5 Super Bowls?

No starting quarterback has ever won more than four Super Bowl championships. The two who have won four are Terry Bradshaw of the Pittsburgh Steelers (Super Bowls IX, X, XIII and XIV) and Joe Montana of the San Francisco 49ers (XVI, XIX, XXIII and XXIV).

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