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Close, They did go 0-14 in 1976.

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Q: Did Tampa bay buccaners ever go 0-16?
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What was the Tampa Bay Buccaners record in 2007?


Who is the Carolina Panthers' most rival?

tampa bay buccaners

Did Ricky Biggs ever play for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers?

Rickey Biggs never played for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

What year did Tampa Bay buccaners draft tony dungy?

Tony Dungy was never drafted. His playing career spanned 3 years starting in Pittsburgh for 2 years and 1 season with San Francisco.

What division do the Buccaneers play in?

The Bucs were in the NFL Central division with the Minnesota Vikings, Detroit Lions, Chicago Bears, and Green Bay Packers.

Who was the Tampa Bay Buccaners first draft pick ever?

Hall of Fame defensive end Lee Roy Selmon out of Oklahoma was the Buccaneers first ever draft choice in 1976. He played for the Bucs between 1976-1984. Selmon's brother Dewey was the third player ever drafted by the Bucs. Dewey was a linebacker also out of Oklahoma and played with the Bucs between 1976-1981.

What aau basketball teams are in the Tampa Bay area?

Tampa Bay Legends Tampa Bay Warriors Tampa Bay Inferno Tampa Bay Spirit

What is the Tampa Bay Buccaneers worst loss ever?


What town is Tampa Bay Buccaneers out of?

They're called the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. They were made in 1976 and are located in Tampa, FL, as opposed to Tampa BAy! Tampa Bay is the bay surrounding the Tampa penninsula.

Was Tampa Bay ever been in the super bowl?

Yes in 2002, and they won 48 (Tampa) 21(Oakland)

Has there ever been Clydesdale at Busch Gardens Tampa Bay?

Yes, Busch Gardens Tampa has Clydesdale horses.

What is the differene between Tampa and Tampa Bay?

Tampa is the city in which Tampa Bay is located