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Unbelievably Yes he was in Liverpool's 2005 team

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Q: Did Steve finnan win a champions league medal?
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What English player has a champions league medal but never a cap for England?

Steve Bruce

How do you win a champions league medal?

By winning the Champions League, or losing the final and becoming second.

If suspended for champions league final do you get a medal?


Who is the only player to win an fa cup winners medal league cup winners medal champions league winners medal uefa cup winners medal and the premier league?

Paulo Ferreira, who won the Uefa Cup and Champions League with FC Porto and the other trophies with Chelsea.

Who is the only footballer to win a premier league medal an fa cup winners medal a league cup winners medal a champions league medal and uefa cup winner's medal?

Paulo Ferreira.

Who won a champions league winners medal a uefa cup medal a spl medal an epl medal and a la liga medal?

Henrik Larson

What 2 players have a Premiership title medal a FA cup medal a Champions league medal and a euro medal at international level?

Schmeichel, Anelka

Dado prso has he won a champions league winners medal?

Dada Prso has never won the Champions League. He did appear in the final once with Monaco though.

Who has won the champions league then played for Manchester united?

Owen Hargreaves won the Champions League with Bayern Munich and later started against Chelsea for Man Utd in the Champions League final, thereby winning his second winner's medal.

Who has one a European cup and champions league medal fourteen years apart?


Who is the only African footballer to win the European champions league medal twice?

Samuel Eto'o

Has a player won English premiership medal champions league medal and World Cup medal in one year?

The only player could be sir Bobby Charlton.