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yes he did...he was pwnage also, and he won the 2nd championship for Canada.

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Q: Did Sidney Crosby play for Canada world junior hockey?
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Where did Sidney Crosby play junior hockey?

He played it in Canada

Sidney Crosby junior hockey team?

Rimouski Oceanic

When did Sidney Crosby win the world juniors?

Sidney Crosby and Team Canada won the World Junior's Gold in 2005.

Did Sidney Crosby play in the world Junior championship?


What middle school did Sidney Crosby go to?

Astral drive junior high

How can one go about joining the Quebec Junior AAA Hockey League?

The Quebec Junior AAA Hockey League is a Hockey Quebec Junior "AAA" ice hockey league and is a member of Hockey Canada and Canadian Junior Hockey League. A person must be a professional hockey player to join the Quebec Junior AAA Hockey League.

How old do you have to be to play world junior hockey in Canada?

World Junior hockey features players aged 16 to 18.

Where does canada stand in ranking in the workd junior hockey comp?

Canada currently ranks fourth in the world junior hockey competition after finishing fourth in the 2013 competition.

Who is Troy Crosby?

Troy Crosby is the father of NHL Superstar Sidney Crosby. A former goaltender at the Major Junior level, Troy Crosby was drafted in the 12th round by the Montreal Canadians but never played a game in the N.H.L.

What other numbers has Sidney Crosby wore?

Crosby also wore 87 for his Junior team: Rimousku Oceanic. he wore number 9 way back

What is the Name of the city where Sidney crosbey played two years in the ohl?

Sidney Crosby didn't play in the OHL, but was in the QMJHL (Quebec Major Junior Hockey League) for 2 years. He played for the Rimouski Oceanic, in Rimouski. He was there for 2003-2004 and 2004-2005, before being drafted by the Pittsburgh Penguins.

Who is the oldest Junior Hockey Team in Canada?

Melville Millionaires, I believe.

Where does canada stand in ranking in the workd junior hockey comp-?

The Canadians are currently fourth of the world rank world junior hockey competition after finishing behind Russia.

What does OHL stand for?

One translation might be Ontario Hockey League, a junior hockey league located in Canada.

What teams was Sidney Crosby on?

In the NHL, Crosby has only played for the Pittsburgh Penguins. His Major Junior playing days was with the Rimouski Oceanic of the QMJHL. When Crosby was growing up he has played for the Cole Harbour Red Wings from Peewee AAA to Bantam AAA, Dartmouth Subways in Midget AAA and with Shattuck St. Mary's in Minnesota. Last but not least, Crosby has played in the U18 Junior World Cup, World Juniors, World Championships and Olympics for Team Canada.

Where was the first World Junior Hockey Campionship tournament held?

Canada i think

Where was the first world junior hockey championship tournament held?

Canada i think

what is brtish columbia hockey team?

The British Columbia Hockey League is a Junior A ice hockey league from British Columbia under Hockey Canada , a subsection of the Canadian Junior Hockey League . Founded in Vernon in 1961, the BCHL now includes 17 teams. These teams play in three divisions, known as the Interior, Island and Mainland divisions.

Who was named MVP of the 2011 world junior hockey championships?

Brayden Schenn of TEAM CANADA

Do Canadians watch hockey on TV much?

Ratings for hockey in Canada are greater than any country in the world. Hockey is not only a sport for us but a vital part of our culture. There are few Canadians, including females, who haven't played hockey at some level. In fact we not only follow the NHL pros, but women's hockey and junior hockey. The top rated telecasts for TSN have been Canada's games at the World U20 Junior Championships.

What is the WHL?

The only WHL I know of is the Western Hockey League, a junior league in western Canada. If you are referring to college hockey you probably mean the WCHA, the Western Collegiate Hockey Association.

Who are the the Fort Mcmurray Oil Barons?

AnswerThe Fort McMurray Oil Barons are a Junior 'A' hockey team located in Fort McMurray, Alberta Canada. The team plays in the Alberta Junior Hockey League (AJHL).

Where was the first tournament of world junior hockey championship held?

Canada i think but who gives a f**k about it

Where can you buy hockey tickets for the 2008 World Junior Hockey Championships in the Czech Republic?

The 2008 World Jr hockey Championship has come and gone with Canada winning Gold vs Sweden.

What age are junior hockey players?

junior hockey is anybody under 20 years old