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he went to high school at harrison trimble high school in moncton new brunswick, after he left shattuck-saint Mary's in Minnesota.

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Q: Did Sidney Crosby go to high school in nova scotia?
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Is Sidney Crosby Scottish?

Sidney Crosby did not go to University, so he didn't graduate. But, if you want to know which High School he went to, he went in Nova Scotia. ....... he went to shattuck St marys in Minnesota...

What school did Sidney Crosby go to?

Sidney Crosby attended high school at Harrison Trimble High School in Moncton, New Brunswick. He graduated in 2005.

What elementary school did Sidney Crosby attend?

He attended Shattuck St. Mary's School in 2002-03 season.

Did Sidney Crosby get his high school diploma?

Yes, he went to a boarding school in the states

What middle school did Sidney Crosby go to?

Astral drive junior high

Sidney Crosby go to college?

Sidney Crosby did not go to college, He is 22 years old (when i answerd this question.)yours to answer, Ben Sophathis is wrong....sidney crosby did not go to college and there is no way he was 22 when you answered this because he is only 21 right now. his birthday is 8/7/87 putting him at 21 on august seventh of 2008.sidney crosby is 22 now

Why did Sidney Crosby go to high school in moncton?

He played with the Océanic de Rimouski from 2003 to 2005. During this time, they played against the Wildcats of Moncton.

When was Sidney Lanier High School created?

Sidney Lanier High School was created in 1929.

When was Sidney High School - Ohio - created?

Sidney High School - Ohio - was created in 1872.

Did Sidney Crosby have a skating rink in his backyard when he was 3?

Yes it was 10000 feet high

When was Horton High School - Nova Scotia - created?

Horton High School - Nova Scotia - was created in 1998.

How good is Sidney Crosby?

Good is hard to quantify. Based on a list of Achievements, Crosby is among the elite in the NHL. Here are a few basic, quick achievements by Crosby:Hart TrophyArt Ross TrophyRocket TrophyStanley CupOlympic Gold MedalYoungest Captain in NHL (At time of announcement/First game as Captain)