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Yes, they've done it on more than one occasion. Do a You Tube search for it, as there is footage online of at least 2 instances.

And it wasnt really triple h it was all hbk doin all the kissin

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โˆ™ 2010-05-10 22:14:10
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Q: Did Shawn Michaels and Triple H ever kiss on live television?
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Will Triple H and Shawn Michaels ever come back?

Triple H will come back in 2011..but Shawn Michaels is gone.

Who are the best WWE superstars ever?

Shawn Michaels, John Cena, Triple H, Randy Orton, The Miz, the underataker

Will Shawn michaels ever return?

Not as a wrestler.

Will Shawn michaels ever return to raw?

Not as a wrestler

Who is the gratest WWE superstare ever?

Triple H is Simply the best but there are grate wrestlers like Undertaker,Shawn Michaels,Edge,Chris Jericho etc

Is hulk hogan the best WWE superstar?

Hulk Hogan is not the best WWE superstar ever. I looked online and the best WWE supestars ever are The Undertaker, Shawn Michaels, Triple H.

Is dx going to come back?

now? no way! Shawn michaels is gone and triple h is injured, im sorry that the greatest tag team ever is done.

Will Shawn Michaels ever return back to his original character of being cocky and arrogant?

Shawn Michaels retired from wrestling in 2010. If he were still wrestling, it would be a possibility.

Has Shawn Michaels ever won a gold metal?

no just championships

Has Shawn Michaels ever been sacked from the WWf?

just once.

Will Shawn michaels ever return to the WWE?

no he is in negotiations with tna right now

Is Shawn Michaels ever coming back to the WWE?

yes on wrestlemania 27

Who won the first ever Hell in a Cell match?

shawn michaels (hbk)

What is Shawn michaels's real name?

Shawn Michaels' real name is Michael Shawn Hickenbottom but, ever since he was chld he has never liked the name Michael so his friends and family just called him Shawn. I'm a huge fan of hbk don't judge me

Will The Undertaker ever embalm Stone Cold alive?

Not if Shawn Michaels and Kane have anything to with it.

Are you ever going to win the WWE championship back?

Of Course I Will Yours Sincerely Shawn Michaels

Did Shawn Michaels and Triple H ever kiss on live televison?

Evidently, they have. I would love to find a site, to see it, but I doubt there's anyway to watch it, again. Yes, they have. There is an animation of it on in the media section.

Who is on the cover for Smackdown vs Raw 2009?

It is Shawn Michaels and Triple H. They were on the cover because they reprasantive one of the biggest tag team ever. And let's not forget that SvR 2009 was built on tag teams.

Was Shawn Michaels ever on wcw?

yes,the day he beat Bret Hart 12 years from 2010.

Is shawn michaels ever going to come back to WWE?

He will make special apperances but will not be back to wrestle.

Has Shawn Michaels ever had black hair?

Yes he has had black hair(in 2005), it turned back to brown in 2007.

Why did Triple H turn heel?

He betrayed X-Pac in 1999, then turned face in his 2002 return. He betrayed Shawn Michaels in 2002 and then was heel ever since until he turned face in 2006 when DX united and parodied on the McMahons

Did Shawn Michaels ever flirt with a diva?

Yes, it was a gimmick to make him get more fans. This was long before he met his wife.

What has happened to shaun michaels?

ever since Shawn lost to the undertaker at wrestlemania 25 he hasn't been in action on raw or smackdown

Who is the most popular wrestler ever?

the most popular wrestler of all time is shawn michaels