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Q: Did Selena Gomez ever thought of being a WWE diva?
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When did Justin bieber and Selena Gomez started dating?

Nobody exactly knows because it really isn't our business to know, but I'm pretty sure the reason is because Selena Gomez like Justin Bieber's looks and personality. It's sweet because they can just be their selves when they're together, not tricked out diva's.

Why are Demi Lovato and Selena gomez fighting?

It is said that Demi Lovato got a bit of a diva when she was in Sonny With A Chance and Selena Gomez didn't really enjoy that. Also, it has been confirmed that Demi Lovato is starting to think that making fun of Miley Cyrus is wrong and hurtful- and Selena Gomez still kinda does it, so that's the main reason that they broke apart. Now that Demi doesn't make fun of Miley anymore, they are pretty friendly togethr and great friends.

Is Selena Gomez friends with Hannah Montana?

They did not use to be back when she was a guest on the Hannah Montana show. The media claimed that they were competing for "Disney diva." I know Miley dated Nick Jonas and then Selena Gomaz did, so that probably did not go over too well. They appear in commercials together now, so who knows.

How do you get a WWE Diva to follow you on Twitter?

By being really, really interesting to an at least mildly tech-savvy WWE diva.

Why did beyonce write diva?

being challeneged by keri hilson

Do you like being a wrestler?

YES!!! I love being a wrestle!! One cause I am a wwe diva and two cause it is an amazing job!!! I am maria the diva and my email is

Who is the most confident WWE diva in being naked?

maryse ouellete

What actors and actresses appeared in Oros - 2012?

The cast of Oros - 2012 includes: Tanya Gomez Kristoffer King Kristofer Martin Diva Montelaba

How do you be a diva?

by keeping your body clean and keep your hair up in not being nasty

What is the song diva about?

diva by beyonce??? if so then its about beyonce that is a diva and she wants to meet a diva basically just listen to the song

Who is the fastest diva?

Page is the fastest Diva.

How tall is WWE diva Michelle mccool?

She is billed as being 5 feet 10 inches

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