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Yes, Ruffian won the Triple Tiara.

The Triple Tiara consists of the Mother Goose Stakes (which will be run June 27 this year), the Coaching Club American Oaks (July 25), and the Alabama Stakes (August 22), although the Alabama replaced the Acorn Stakes in 2003. Unlike the Triple Crown, where all three races are run at different tracks, the first two races are run at Belmont Park, with the Alabama Stakes being run at Saratoga.

And will whoever keeps editing this to delete this information give it up already? Just because you don't want it to be right doesn't make it less right. I'm studying horses professionally, and I've been a fan of racing (and Ruffian) since I was nine years old. Go read any of the books on Ruffian if you don't believe there's a Triple Tiara. "Ruffian: Burning From The Start" is a great one, as is the Thoroughbred Legends book. Both mention the Triple Tiara.

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Ruffian won the Triple Tiara in 1975, then called the Filly Triple Crown. She was undefeated in her first 10 races.

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Ruffian did not run in the Triple Crown.

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Q: Did Ruffian the Racehorse win the Triple Tiara or Triple Crown?
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