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Only if needed through a sending off or a substitution where a defender needed to go off through injury and no other defender was available on the subs bench

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Yes, for two seasons, (1993-1995). Hughes went on to play for Chelsea in 1995.

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Q: Did Roy Keane and Mark Hughes play together at Man United?
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Name managers who played at utd under Ferguson?

Mark Hughes and Roy Keane

What is the Nationality of Man United Mark Hughes?

The Nationality of Man United's Mark Hughes is Wales.

When did mark hughes play for Chelsea?

Mark Hughes has played for Manchester United and not Chelsea.

Who has played for Manchester United and Bracelona?

Mark Hughes

Which man united player has signed twice for them?

Mark Hughes

When was Mark Keane born?

Mark Kean was born in 1988.

Which footballers have left man united and then returned to lay again?

mark hughes Mark Bosnich

Has anybody played for Chelsea and Manchester United?

Mark Hughes and Veron

Man United to Chelsea to Southampton to Everton to Blackburn?

mark hughes

Name 4 English players who played with David Beckham at Old Trafford and went on to manage?

* Mark Hughes * Steve Bruce * Paul Ince * Roy Keane

In 1995 Man Utd Bt Ipswich 9-0 Who scored Utd's 5th?

Mark Hughes in the 55th minute. The scorers were Roy Keane 15' Andy Cole 19', 37', 53', 65', 87' Mark Hughes 55', 59' Paul Ince 72'

Has any player signed twice for Manchester united?

mark hughes is one