Did Ronaldo play on Inter Milan?

Updated: 10/20/2022
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No, he played on Sporting C.P, Manchester United F.C. and Real Madrid C.F. but not on Inter F.C.or A.C. Milan.

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Q: Did Ronaldo play on Inter Milan?
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Who played for ac milan inter milan?

For players still playing, Crespo, Ronaldo, Seedorf have played for both AC Milan and Inter Milan.

How did ronaldo used to play for?

Cruzeiro, PSV, Barcelona, Inter Milan, Real Madrid, Ac Milan.Now he's at Corinthians

What teams has brasilian ronaldo played for?

barcelona, inter milan,ac milan,real madrid

Clubs ronaldo delima has played for?

Ronaldo Delima has played for P.S.V Eindhoven, Barcelona, Inter Milan, Real Madrid, A.C. Milan. ,

Who has scored a hat-trick against Argentina Brazil Barcelona AC Milan and Inter Milan?


Where does inter Milan play?

Inter Milan plays in the Italian league (Serie A)

Five football players with 5 champion league clubs?

Ronaldo- PSV, Barcalona, Inter Milan, Real Madrid, AC Milan. Edgar Davids- inter Milan, juventus, ac milan, barcalona, ajax.

Did andrei kanchelski play for ac Milan or inter Milan?

No he did not play for either.

Did Ray Wilkins play for Inter Milan?

no, ac milan.

Who are the 5 greatest players in Inter Milan history?

Mazzola, ,Bergomi, Zenga, Ronaldo and Ibrahimovic

In the past what teams have ronaldo been in?

Which Ronaldo are you asking about? Brazilian or the one from Portugal. Christiano ronaldo played for Sporting Lisbon, Manchester United and Real Madrid Ronaldo lima played for Corinthians , P.S.V. Eindhoven, Barcelona, Inter Milan and A.C. Milan..

Were does acmilan play soccer?

In Milan at the same stadium as inter Milan.