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Not during his MLB career.

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Q: Did Roger Maris strike out four times in a game?
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Which teams did Roger Maris play for?

Roger Maris played for four teams during his career.Cleveland Indians (1957-1958)Kansas City Athletics (1958-1959)New York Yankees (1960-1966)St. Louis Cardinals (1967-1968

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What is the value of an original 1961 Roger Maris Bobblehead with NO chips on the neck and overall condition very good?

The mini series of baseball bobbing heads were issued at the same time as the White base- from 1961- 1962, and were often seen adorning the dashboards of cars. It was a comprehensive set with all the Major league teams plus two individual players- Mickey Mantle and Roger Maris. The White base, baseball series Bobbing Head doll 1961- 1963 four dolls of actual players. Mickey Mantle, Roger Maris, Willie Mays and Roberto Clemente. With facsimile autograph decal on base. Comes with square or round white base. Common Flaws include chips, cracks, worn decal, and paint wear. The Roger Maris Nodder like the Mickey Mantle are very desirable, and with minor flaws will fetch $450. -$550. in excellent condition Add $100. - $150 with the original Box. Near/Mint condition dolls will sell for more. I will leave links below for more information.

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