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Q: Did Richard Petty drive at Fonda Speedway?
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Will Kyle Petty drive any time soon for his dad Richard Petty?

No, Kyle Petty is retired.

Who did Richard Petty drive for?

Petty Enterprises was the name of the team for most of his career. He drove for Don Robertson for a few races in 1970 because Petty's regular cars had been wrecked; in 1984-5 he drove for Mike Curb.

What year did Richard Petty drive in the Sprint Cup Series?

Richard Petty was a driver from 1958 to 1992 in the Nascar Strictly Stock/Grand National Era and the Nascar Winston Cup Series. Richard retired when the name of the series was still called "Winston Cup". He never drove in the series when it was called "Sprint Cup".

Which car numbers did Richard Petty drive throughout his Nascar career?

Richard Petty's most famous car number was #43. In his first season he drove car #'s 2, 42A and 142. He also drove the #24 in the first race of the 1959 season. For a few seasons, before switching to the 43 full time, Richard drove the #41 and #42 cars.

Where does the cars drive around very fast?


How many hours does it take to drive 600 miles?

How fast were u driving or planning to dive on the speedway on the speedway about 8 hours

Did Maurice Petty ever drive the 43?


What type of car did Lee Petty drive to win the first Daytona 500?

Richard Petty won the Daytona 500 seven times, using several different car makes.1964 (Plymouth)1966 (Plymouth)1971 (Plymouth)1973 (Dodge)1974 (Dodge)1979 (Oldsmobile)1981 (Buick)

What team does Nascar driver Marcos Ambrose drive for?

Marcos Ambrose began driving for Richard Petty Motorsports in 2011. From 2009-2010 he drove for JTG-Daugherty Racing. In 2008, Ambrose competed in 11 races for three different owners (Wood Brothers, Tad Geschickterand Michael Waltrip).

Did Dale Earnhardt Sr. drive for Richard Petty in the early seventies?

No, he did not. Dale Sr. died on February 18, 2001 and Jimmie Johnson's first Cup Series race was on October 7, 2001.

Is Kyle Busch going to drive the pink car and at what race?

Yes, Kyle is going to drive a race car with the pink paint scheme this year (2010) at Chicagoland Speedway.

Can I Drive a race car in Daytona?

You can drive your race car at Daytona International Speedway because reservations are not required except during special events and during NASCAR event weekends.