Did Randy Moss break any records?

Updated: 10/21/2022
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Most receiving touchdowns in a season (23 in 2007) and most receiving touchdowns in a rookie season (17 in 1998)

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Q: Did Randy Moss break any records?
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How many grand kids does randy moss have?

Randy Moss does not have any grandkids yet as of 2013.

Are there any records with Tom Brady and randy moss?

In 2007 Brady broke the record for most single season passing TD's (50) on the same throw that gave Randy Moss the record for most single season recieving TD's (23)

Does Randy Moss have any brothers in the NFL?

No, he doesn't. Santana and Sinorice are brothers. Randy Moss's brother is Eric Moss

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Are any of the Moss' in the NFL related?

There have been three players with the last name of Moss (Jarvis, Randy, Santana) that have played in the 2010 season. None of them are related. Santana Moss has a brother, Sinorice, who was a wide receiver with the Giants between 2006-2009.

How many division championships has randy moss won?

He has none, but in 2007 he made to the Super Bowl with the Patriots.

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