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Yes, he did.

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Q: Did Rajon Rondo play for Kentucky?
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Related questions

What college did NBA player Rajon Rondo play for?

NBA player Rajon Rondo played for Kentucky.

What position in college did Rajon Rondo play?

Rondo played Point Guard at the University of Kentucky

What college basketball team did rajon rondo play for?

The University of Kentucky.

Where did rondo go to college?

Rajon Rondo went to University of Kentucky in Lexington, Kentucky.

Where has rajon rondo lived?


Is Rajan Rondo of Caribbean decent?

No. Rajon Rondo is from Louisville, Kentucky.

Where was Rajon Rondo born?


What college did rajon rondo come from?


Where are Rajon Rondo's parents from?

Louisville, Kentucky

Where did rajon rondo grow up at?


What NBA team does Rajon Rondo play for?

Rajon Rondo plays for the Boston Celtics.

Were did Rajon Rondo go to college?

Kentucky Wildcatz

Is Rajon Rondo haitain?

He is a native of Louisville, Kentucky.

What college did rajohn rondo?

Rajon Rondo went to the University of Kentucky. BO BIG BLUE!

What is the name of the college that Rajon Rondo attended?

University of Kentucky

Why did rajon rondo go to college?

He majored in engineering at University of Kentucky

What is the birth name of Rajon Rondo?

Rajon Rondo's birth name is Rajon Pierre Rondo.

What does Rajon Rondo play?

Point Guard

How many games did Rajon Rondo play for the Phoenix Suns?

Rajon Rondo did not play any games for the Phoenix Suns. He was traded on draft day to the Boston Celtics

What is Rajon Rondo famous for?

Rajon Rondo is famous for being a professional basketball player for the Boston Celtics. He was born in Louisville, Kentucky and made his rookie debut in the 2006-2007 season.

NBA players from Kentucky are in the NBA now?

Good point-guards from Kentucky are, John Wall and Rajon Rondo.

What is Rajon Rondo's full name?

Rajon Pierre Rondo

Who is better Rajon Rondo or Chris Paul?

Rajon Rondo

Is rajon rondo french?

Yes Rajon Rondo is French .

When was Rajon Rondo born?

Rajon Rondo was born on February 22, 1986