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Between 1933, the Steelers first season in the NFL, and 1972 they played in only one playoff game. That was in 1947 when they tied for the East Division title with the Philadelphia Eagles and a one game playoff was needed to determine who would face the Chicago Cardinals for the NFL Championship. The Steelers lost that game, 21-0.

From 1933-1971, the Steelers played in 1 playoff game and won 0 NFL Championships.
From 1972-2008, the Steelers played in 49 playoff games and won 6 NFL Championships.

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Q: Did Pittsburgh win any championships prior to the Super Bowls?
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Before Super Bowls were called Super Bowls how many did the Pittsburgh Steelers win?

Prior to the 'Super Bowl Era', the Steelers won zero championships.

How many championships did the Vikings win before there were Super Bowls?

The Vikings did not win any NFL championships prior to the first Super Bowl in 1967.

Which quarterback has the most championship rings including Super Bowl NFL and AFL championships?

Bart Starr -- 2 Super Bowls and prior NFL championships.

What professional football team has been in the most championship games?

The Green Bay Packers have won 12 NFL championships ... 3 Super Bowls and 9 championships prior to the beginning of the Super Bowl.

How many championships including Super Bowls have the Green Bay Packers won?

The Green Bay Packers won nine championships prior to the first Super Bowl and three Super Bowl victories in 1967, 1968 and 1997.

How many Super Bowls have packers won?

The Packers have won 4 Super bowls. Super Bowl I - 1967, Super Bowl II - 1968, Super Bowl XXXI- 1997, and Super Bowl XIV - 2011. The Packers also won 9 championships prior to the Super Bowl.

Why is Green Bay called Titletown US when they've only won 2 Super Bowls?

The Packers were given the nickname 'Titletown USA' back in the 1960s when they won 5 NFL championships in a 7 year span. They won the first two Super Bowls (1966 and 1967) and the NFL championship in 1961, 1962, and 1965 prior to the beginning of the Super Bowl game. Since then, they have won two more Super Bowls (XXXI and XLV) to give them four total Super Bowl championships to go along with their 9 NFL championships prior to 1966 and the start of the Super Bowl.

How many NFL Championships did the Bears win prior to the first Super Bowl?

The Bears won 6 NFL Championships prior to the first Super Bowl.

How many super bowls did the eagles win?

None. They lost to Oakland in 1981, and to New England in 2005. Prior to the merger, when there was no Super Bowl, the Eagles won NFL Championships in 1948, 1949 and 1960.

What team has won the most world championships in professional football?

The Green Bay Packers have won 13 NFL championships ... 4 Super Bowls and 9 championships prior to the beginning of the Super Bowl. The Toronto Argonauts have 11 championships. That is the most for professional football. They are third over all in championships for any sport behind the No 1 New York Yankees, and the second place Montreal Canadians.

Who has the most championships in the NFL?

The NFL team with the most number of Super Bowl wins (NFC vs AFC) is the Pittsburgh Steelers with 6 wins in 8 Super Bowls. As of 2017, three other teams have 5 wins (Dallas, New England, San Francisco). * Prior to the merger of the AFL with the NFL in 1970, the Green Bay Packers had 11 NFL championships and the Chicago Bears had 8. The Packers have 4 Super Bowl wins.

Philladelfia eagles Super Bowl wins?

They have no Super Bowl wins. They won 3 NFL Championships prior to the institution of the Super Bowl.

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