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No. Morehead State had a losing season in each of Simms seasons there although he was named Ohio Valley Conference Player of the Year for the 1977 season.

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Q: Did Phil simms lead his college team to an undefeated season?
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Season: 14 by Phil Simms in 1986. Career: 95 by Phil Simms between 1979-1993.

What is Phil Simms's birthday?

Phil Simms was born on November 3, 1955.

When was Phil Simms born?

Phil Simms was born on November 3, 1955.

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What college did MVP of Super Bowl XXI Phil Simms attend?

Morehead State

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William and Barbara Simms.

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Former QB Philip "Phil" Simms is 62 years old (birthdate: November 3, 1955).

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Phil Simms completed a 17-yard pass to receiver Lionel Manuel.

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During his NFL career, no. Phil Simms scored 6 TDs in his NFL career, all by rushing.

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Phil Simms is a philipino man and he graduated in 1942 at Performing Arts University in Housten, Texas.

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