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Q: Did Peyton Manning go to Elementary school?
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When did Peyton Manning go pro?

Peyton Manning was drafted by the Indianapolis Colts in 1998.

What nicknames does Peyton Manning go by?

Peyton Manning goes by Peytie Pie.

Were did Peyton Manning go to college at?

University of Tennessee

Did Peyton Manning's wife go to college?


What year did Peyton Manning go to college?


What team will Peyton Manning go to?

Denver broncos!

What collage did Peyton Manning go to?

The University of Tennessee.

Did the jets try to draft Peyton Manning?

They did, in 1997 when the had the first overall pick, Bill Parcells hinted he was going to use it on Manning. However, Manning decided to go back to school for his senior year.

Was Ashley manning at the Super Bowl?

Yes, Ashley Manning does go to the Super Bowls that her husband is playing in. She is married to Peyton Manning.

What year start Eli Manning go to elementary?

St George's Episcopal School in New Orleans, LA

What year did Peyton Manning go to his first play play off?

About 1999

How much does a Rookie Peyton Manning Starting lineup figure go for?