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Q: Did Peyton Manning father a child while in high school?
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What is Peyton Manning's family history?

Peyton Manning's family is Archie Manning, Ashley Manning, Olivia Manning, Eli Manning, and Cooper Manning. Archie Manning is Peyton's father, before Archie retired he was the quarterback for the New Orleans Saints. Archie was born May 19th 1949. Olivia Manning is Peyton's mother, her maiden name was Olivia Williams. Cooper Manning is Peyton's older brother, Peyton is the middle child. Eli Manning is Peyton's younger brother, he is the current quarterback for the New York Giants. Eli was born January 3rd 1981. Ashley Manning is Peyton's wife, her maiden name is Ashley Thompson. She was married to Peyton on St. Patrick's Day 2001.

Was Peyton Manning weathy or poor as a child?

Peyton Manning's father Archie Manning was an NFL quarterback who played for the New Orleans Saints from 1971-1982. He then played for the Houston Oilers from 1982-1983 and the Minnesota Vikings from 1983-1984. The family lived a very comfortable lifestyle.

Did Peyton Manning have a child by a girlfriend before he was married?

no. he doesn't have any kids.

Does Peyton Manning have a child?

2 actually. His wife gave birth to twins on March 31st, 2011.

What is Peyton Manning' religion?

I think he was been a scientologist' for since as long as he was a child. Eli, howeer, is a methodist'. he is definitely not a scientologist,

Do either Peyton or Eli Manning have children?

As of Tuesday, November 2nd 2010, Eli's wife, Abby is 2 months pregnant with their first child, and Peyton's wife, Ashley is not, and they don't have any children. Ash and Pey are waiting until Peyton retires to start a family.

Can the father of the child be ordered to quit school to support his child?


What age for a child in Illinois to stop going by her dads house?

The relationship with the child's father should be encouraged. If there are school activities for the child, the father should participate. Unless, the child is in serious endangerment when she is with the father.

Does a father still have to pay child support if the child has moved in with the father and is attending school?

I wouldn't think so let child support no he is living with you

If the father has the child and puts the child in school is that concidered kidnapping?

He has equal rights to the child, so no.

Does a father still have to pay back child support if the child has moved in with him and is attending school?

Yes. Back child support is for the period prior to the father's custody.

What has the author John Peyton Anderson written?

John Peyton Anderson has written: 'A study of the relationships between certain aspects of parental behavior and attitudes and the behavior of junior high school pupils' -- subject(s): Child psychology, Parent and child

What is Normanhurst School's motto?

The motto of Normanhurst School is 'The Child is the Father of the Man'.

Did Peyton and Ashley have a child that died?

No they never had a child

Can a father make their child visit if they have something on like a friends party or school event just because its his week-end?

Yes, due to custody laws the father can insist the child come and visit, but, it is selfish of the father to insist when the child has an invitation to a party or school event. Instead of arguing it would be better to see if the father could come to see the child at least at the school event which makes him feel like he has an option.

Does a dad have to pay child support if he the dad is still in high school?

If you are a father, you have to pay child support if the court says so. The age of the father does not matter.

Where did Blaise Pascal go to school at?

Blaise Pascal did not attend school. He was a child whose father unapproved of the customs of school. Pascals' father taught Blaise himself.

Where did Serena Williams go to school as a child?

Serena was homeschooled by her father.

What has the author Juanita Chaney Manning written?

Juanita Chaney Manning has written: 'A syllabus for the teaching of child care and training in the junior high school' -- subject(s): Study and teaching (Secondary), Health and hygiene, Children

When a child turns 18 does a father still have to pay child support or have to go to court to stop paying child support?

only if its in the divorce settlement. and if the child is out of school

If a child drops out of high school in Ontario under the age of 18 does the father still have to pay child support?


Why was Ruby Bridges father fired?

Ruby Nell Bridges' father was fired because his boss didn't want to be with someone who had a child that was black and that child went to an all white school.

If you are paying child support in PA for a child that is 18 but still in high school and she is pregnant is there any change in child support while she is pregnant or after she has the child?

No, that obligations is to the father of that unborn child. Also, once high school is completed your financial obligation for support ends.

Is father obligated to pay child support if child drops from school before 18?

Yes, custodial payments are for the support and care of a child until they are 18.

What kind of a child was Scrooge?

He was a lonely child, abandoned by his father who left him at boarding school all year around even at Christmas