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No, not only did Archie Manning not win a Super Bowl but none of the teams he played for ever made the playoffs.

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โˆ™ 2008-02-05 16:57:19
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Q: Did Peyton Manning's dad ever win a Super Bowl?
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When will Peyton Mannings retire?


Did Eli and Peyton Manning ever play in the same Super Bowl?

No. As of March 2013, Eli and Peyton Manning have never played in the same Super Bowl.

Have Eli Manning and Peyton Manning ever played each other in a Super Bowl?

No. As of February 2014, Eli and Peyton Manning have not played each other in a Super Bowl.

Did quarterback Archie Manning ever win a Super Bowl?

No. Though his sons Peyton and Eli Manning have won at least 1 Super Bowl.

Have two brothers ever won the super bowl?

yes, Peyton Manning and Eli Manning.

Have Two brothers ever won Super Bowl with different teams?

Yes Eli and Peyton Manning.

Did Archie Manning ever win a Super Bowl?

No, Archie Manning has never won a Super Bowl. He is the father of Eli and Peyton Manning. He was also a professional football player.

How many quarterbacks have won a superbowl with two different teams?

No starter has ever won a Super bowl with 2 different teams.

Has any NFL quarterback ever won super bowl for more than one team?

No quarterback has ever won the Super Bowl for two different teams. The only starting quarterback to make it to the Super Bowl on different teams was Craig Morton. He was the starting qb for the Dallas Cowboys in Super Bowl V and for the Denver Broncos in Super Bowl XII.

Did the colts ever win a Super Bowl?

Yes they won a super bowl in fact they won one 3 years ago and back in the day too but Peyton Manning was not the quarter back then

Was the Super Bowl ever held in Foxboro?

No, the Super Bowl has not ever been held in Foxboro.

Which Super Bowl was the most popular Super Bowl ever?


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