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No. Never even made it to the finals. 4 playoff appearances.

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yes he did.

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Q: Did Pete Maravich ever win a NBA champoinship?
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Who was the best white NBA player ever?

Pete Maravich

Who is Maravich of the NBA?

"Pistol" Pete Maravich played 10 years in the NBA and is still the all-time leading scorer in D1 College Basketball History.

Who did Pete Maravich play for in NBA?

First he played for the Atlanta Hawks, then traded to the New Orleans Jazz

What is American Pete Maravich known for?

Pete "Pistol" Maravich was professional American basket player born in June 1947. He played for Louisanna State University and for three different NBA teams until injury forced his retirement.

What 2 players led the NCAA in scoring and also the NBA?

Oscar Robertson, Rick Barry and 'Pistol' Pete Maravich.

Did pistol Pete Maravich ever sign a million dollar contract?

No, Pete Maravich never signed a million dollar contract during his playing career. He played in the NBA from 1970 to 1980, a time when player salaries were much lower compared to today's NBA. At the peak of his career, Maravich was earning around $300,000 per season.

Who won the champoinship this year in the NBA?

Miami Heat

Who the best NBA player or all time?

the greatest basketball player is wilt chamberlain

Which NBA basketball team won the first NBA champoinship?

the 76ers back in 1947 they were known as the warriors back then

Who played in the NBA that never won a NBA Title?

There are too many NBA players that fit this description to name them all. But here are some of the best: Elgin Baylor Pete Maravich Charles Barkley Karl Malone John Stockton Patrick Ewing

Who won nba champoinship in 1995?

The Houston Rockets won against the Orlando magic

NBA players who wore 42?

Retired #44's in the NBA include the Nuggets' Dan Issel, the Lakers' Jerry West, the Suns' Paul Westphal, the Kings' Sam Lacey, and the Spurs' George Gervin.