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no they wouldn't because of one person

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Q: Did Pepsi change their logo because of CM Punk?
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Why did Pepsi change their logo?

Marketing Department decision.

What logo did the 2003 Pepsi Logo come from?

It came from the 2002 Diet Pepsi Logo.

What logo has thumbs up?


What line of symmetry is the pepsi logo?


Is cm punk really straight edge?

I think most people forget that CAFFEINE IS A DRUG. He loves Pepsi, which is VERY HIGH IN CAFFEINE. He has a Pepsi logo tattooed on his left shoulder/upper arm. Drug-free, no alcohol, no promiscuous sex. CM Punk fails in the Drug-free department. His "Straight-edge" image, is nothing more than that. Just an image, a gimmick if you will.

What is the mean of pepsi?

Originally Pep-Cola, PEP from Peptic as it was meant to cure stomach ache.With time Pepsy or Pepsi sounded more pleasing.PayEachPennySaveIsraelPEPSII think, you should just reverse the logo, you can see this:the logo is some how like yin yang symbol, pepsi shown up: IS i think the logo of pepsi means:yin yang is ded!

What company logo is a red P?

pepsi :P

What company has a red green white and black circle as it's logo?


Why did Pepsi recently modify their logo?

Pepsi does this every once in a while so customers can see that Pepsi looks " hip " so that then can buy it. Have you noticed that since Pepsi started , each logo / image has looked more technological with the time? This is why. Welcome (: - Crazy Chick In Massachusetts ^_^

How many times has the Pepsi logo changed over the years?

Pepsi's first logo was developed in 1898 when it was known as Pepsi-Cola which was written in red italic script. It was changed in 1906 and again in the 1940s. In the 1960s it became Pepsi (written across a bottle top), and underwent further changes in 1973, 1991, 1998, 2005, and once more to the logo we are familiar with today.

What is the value of a 1976 pepsi can with the b-centineal logo?

10 bucks

What organization has a logo with a red white and blue ball?

Pepsi Cola