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After attending Harkness Ballet Theater School he danced with the Joffrey Ballet Company and the Eliot Field Ballet Company in New York.

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Q: Did Patrick Swayze dance with a ballet company in New York at any time?
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Did Patrick Swayze play a roll in the ballet scene in Save the Last Dance?


Who was Patrick swayze's character in dirty dancing?

Patrick Swayze played lead dance instructor Johnny in Dirty Dancing.

Did Patrick Swayze dance in dirty dancing?

You bet.

Where did Patrick swayze met his wife?

They met at Patsy Swayze's Dance Studio in their hometown Houston,TX.

Reports say that Patrick swayze and Jennifer gray did what?

Dance together.

Is Bambi Swayze related to Patrick Swayze?

Yes, Bambi Swayze is Patrick Swayze's younger sister. She was adopted from South Korea when she was 4 years old. Members of the Swayze family often forget to mention the adoption, as Bambi is very much a "Swayze"....... with the Texas accent as well. A student of [mother] Patsy Swayze's dance school in Houston Texas......Bambi is a professional dancer. She is an amazing dancer and can be seen briefly in Patrick and Lisa's film, "One Last Dance". She dances on the Academy Awards presentations and works with "Fame" ous dancer Debbie Allen(another student of Patsy Swayze).

In the Movie Dirty Dancing What dance did Johnny Patrick Swayze always do?

It was the Mambo.

How can you find an article about ballet?

In a dance magazine or a ballet company's website.

What ballet company did Anna Pavlova dance for?

She Danced withThe Imperial Ballet School then Anna Pavlova started her own dance company known as "Anna Pavlova's Company"

How did Patrick swayze meet his wife?

He met his wife at his mother's dance studio in Houston, Tx. She was taking lessons there.

Is dance solutions better than dance companys?

No company's are better than dance solutions, company's take more dedication, and if you really love dance i would suggest a ballet company.

What dance is done to Love is Strange?

Love is Strange was featured in the Patrick Swayze hit movie Dirty Dancing. People continue to perform the Dirty Dance to the song.

Did Patrick swayze appeared in both dirty dancing and dirty dancing havana nights?

Yes he did, Patrick played a small part as a dance instructor in Havana Nights also.

what is Dirty Dancing?

Its about an 18 year old girl called Baby who goes on vacation to a holiday camp with her family and falls in love which one of the entertainment staff Johnny Castle ( Patrick Swayze) When Johhny's dance partner becomes pregnant Baby has to step in. As she gets better at dancing a romance starts to develop between them.

In what movie did Patrick Swayze and Jennifer Grey fall in love dancing to pounding rhythms and electrifying dance moves?

Dirty Dancing

What company did george balanchine dance for?

Ballet of the Imperial Theatre, St.Petersburg

Did this dance company from Rudolph's castle get together for this sizzling hit?

Gold... Dance company = Ballet Rudolf Hess' castle = Spandau Spandau Ballet hit = Gold

What is the famous ballet dancing school?

Either Moscow Ballet Company, New York Ballet, IBW (Independent Ballet of Wales) or RAD (Royal Academy of Dance) or RBS (Royal Ballet School)

What inspired Christopher Bruce?

Christopher Bruce is one of the UK's leading choreographers and is currently Artistic Director of Rambert Dance Company, having worked in the past with what is now English National Ballet and Houston Ballet, among others. Ballet Rambert evolved in 1935 from Dame Marie Rambert's Ballet Club. In the early years of its history, the Company performed classical ballet, including the first UK performance of La Sylphide. However, by 1966 the strains involved in being a medium-size touring ballet company were taking their toll and in a bold move, Dame Marie switched the Company to contemporary dance. To reflect this change, the name of the Company was changed in 1987 to Rambert Dance Company. They are the largest contemporary dance company in the UK and enjoy a high reputation around the world.

Dance and ballet?

Ballet is dance. there are loadsa different types of dance.

Is it true that Jennifer Grey actually laughed when Patrick Swayze stroked down her arm in the practising scene and this was not meant to be part of Dirty Dancing?

Yes, it is true that Jennifer Grey actually laughed when Patrick Swayze stroked down her arm during the scene of practising the dance steps.

Did Patrick Swayze appear in both Dirty Dancing Dirty Dancing and Havana Nights?

Yes, he taught Romola Garai's character to dance

Did Patrick swayze ever appear in movie with his wife?

yes, they worked together on "Steel Dawn" in 1987 and in "One Last Dance" in 2003.

What of dance is involved in ballet?

Ballet is a type of dance.

Which company Margot Fonteyn dance with?

Sadler's Wells Ballet in London England.