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Yes, Patrick Kane won the Stanley Cup.

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Q: Did Patrick Kane win the Stanley cup?
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Did Patrick Roy win the Stanley cup his rookie year?

Yes, and he won the cup in the 1985-1986 season.

Did Jordan tootoo win the Stanley cup?

No, he did not win the Stanley Cup.

When did the Penguins win the Stanley cup in the 80's?

The Penguins did not win the Stanley Cup in the 80's.

Did the Los Angeles Kings win a Stanley Cup with Wayne Gretzky?

No, they did not win a Stanley Cup when Wayne Gretzky was on the team.

Why There Was A 2011 Vancouver Stanley Cup Riot?

Because Vancouver Did Not Win The Stanley Cup.

Will the rangers win the Stanley cup?


What will the owner of the Blackhawks get if they win the Stanley Cup?

the owner gets to keep coaching and the Stanley cup

How many Stanley cups did the California golden seals win?

The Seals did not win a Stanley Cup.

Did Montreal win the Stanley cup in 1977?

The Montreal Canadiens swept the Boston Bruins in 4 games to win the 1977 Stanley Cup.

Did Vancouver ever win the Stanley Cup?

Yes, the Vancouver Millionaires won the Stanley Cup in 1915.

When did the Minnesota Wild win their first Stanley Cup?

The Minnesota Wild have not yet won a Stanley Cup.

Did valmore james ever win a Stanley cup?

No Valmore James never won a Stanley Cup!