Did Paris host the world cup?

Updated: 12/21/2022
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Yes in 1998 final.

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Q: Did Paris host the world cup?
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When will Canada host a FIFA World Cup?

Canada may not host a world cup, as they have yet to qualify for a world cup.

Which country will host the rugby world cup in 2015?

England will host the world cup in 2015

Which country will host the 2018 FIFA World Cup Football?

Russia will host the 2018 world cup.

Which host country had to qualify for Football World Cup?

Host countries automatically qualify for the World Cup when hosting it.

Who will host the 2011 cricket World Cup?

INDIA,BANGLADESH AND SRI LANKA will host the upcoming world cup in 2011

What country will host the 2011's womens world cup in soccer?

Jamaica will be the host in 2011 world ladies cup.

Which country will host World Cup in 2026?

USA, Canada and Mexico

Who will host the 2015 rugby world cup?

England will host it!

When will Brazil host the World Cup?

Brazil will hoist the world cup in 2014.

Which country was the last to host the Olympics and FIFA World Cup?

The last country to host both the Olympics and the world cup is the U.S.A.

Will England ever host the world cup again?

They are trying to host the 2018 World Cup. Never say never I suppose.

Why was urugay the first host of the world cup?

I believe that the countries have drawings to host the FIFA world cup every 4 years