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Barack Obama played Basketball in high school, and still enjoys the game. He is an avid golfer, and a Baseball fan. He is a fan of his daughter's soccer teams.

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Q: Did Obama play sports
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Related questions

What sports did Obama play?

He played netball

What sports do Barack Obama like to play?


Did Obama used to play sports?

Yes he did indeed. He played Basketball and many other sports.

What games does Obama like to play?

He likes to play basketball. I found this in Sports Illustrated. (:

Did Michelle Obama play sports if so what?

michelle obama plays tennis and she also can double dutch!

Did Obama play college sports?

No he did not because he whet to law school.

Did Mrs Obama play sports?

yes she had bang bang with barack

What other sports did obama play besides basketball?

golf and baseball

What sports does Michelle Obama play?

she does tennis double dutch and basketball

Did Michelle Obama play any sports or participate in any activities and what were they?


Does Sasha and Malia Obama play sports?

They both play basketball because Malia is 6'0" and Sasha is 5'9"

Did Barack Obama play sports on any team?

yes how to lie to people in america and get away with it.

What is Obama's favorite sports team?

yes, obama's favorite sports team is the celtics

What is Obama's favorite sports team?

yes, obama's favorite sports team is the celtics

Was Barack Obama a sports star in high school?

He was number six man on a Hawaii state championship basketball team. He did not play other sports.

What sports do Michelle Obama do?


Why does obama think you should have recess?

Because recess is healthy for children. They can run and play sports, and get some fresh air.

What sports did Malia Obama play?

According to newspaper accounts, Malia enjoys playing tennis, and she also has played soccer. Michelle Obama has also taken her on several ski trips.

What sports does obama like today?


Who is Hawaii's sports person?

Barack Obama

What does Susan elizabeth rice like to do?

she likes to spend time with her family,play sports,and enjoy her job working with Barack Obama.

How do you say you play sports?

"I play sports"

Does our current president enjoy playing sports?

Yes, our current president, Barack Obama, does like to play sports. He has spoken of his love of basketball and played in school. He also likes to golf.

Does Malia Obama play any sports?

yes malia does she plays soccer and she cheers well likes to and alos she is playing the flute for fun

Did Barack Obama play any sports in school?

Yes, he did. In high school, he was on the basketball team, where his teammates said he was a very good shooter.