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No as he never played for Manchester United.

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Q: Did Nicolas anelka score an own goal for Manchester united?
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Who are the two players to score in the Manchester and Mersey side derbies in the same year?

Nicolas Anelka and Andrei Kanchelskis. Anelka did it in 2002, scoring for Liverpool and Manchester City. Kanchelskis did it in 1995 scoring for Manchester United and Everton.

Did Nicolas anelka score an own goal for Manchester united while playing for Liverpool?

Not at Liverpool he did not. See here ( list of all own goals scored by Liverpool players

What was the score of the last game Manchester city played Manchester united?

3-2 to manchester united

How many times has Anderson scored for Manchester United?

He has yet to score for Manchester United.

What was the last score between Manchester United and Arsenal l?

The last score between the two was 3-1 to Manchester united

How many goals did Jack Rowley score for Manchester United?

211 Goals for Manchester United

Did nicholas anelka score in the Manchester derby when playing for Manchester city?

yes - he got the first in the last derby at Maine Road:

Who was the last ex Manchester United player to score against Manchester United?

Denis Law? Denis Law?

What was the score between Manchester United and Fulham on 25th August 2012?

Manchester United won the game 3-2.

How many goals did Denis Law score for Manchester United?

Denis Law scored 237 goals for Manchester United.

What the score Manchester United?

they lost the match by 6 to manchester city and 1 to the united side, wearst they got this season

How many goals did veron score for Manchester United?