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No Joe Frazier one the first but muhammed ali one the other two

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Q: Did Muhammed ALi first fight Joe Frazier?
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What were the names of the boxing matches Muhammed Ali versus Joe frazier?

the first was the fight of the century, and the third was the thrilla in manilla.

Which 5 boxers beat muhammed ali?

Joe Frazier (first fight) Ken Norton (first fight) Leon Spinks (first fight) Larry Holmes (Ali's penultimate fight) Trevor Berbick (Ali's last fight)

What was the most Muhammed Ali made for a fight?

Ali made $6 million for the third frazier fight, apparently twice what Smokin' Joe received.

What did Muhammad Ali and frazier weigh in?

first fight: ali 215, frazier 205 and a half second fight: ali 212, frazier 209 third fight: ali 224.5, frazier 215.5

Who won thrilla in manila?

The fight was with Muhammed Ali and Joe Frazier Ali won 14th round TKO

Who did Muhammad Ali fight in his first fight?

Muhammed Ali's first professional fight was against Tunney Hunsaker on October 29, 1960.

Who was muhammed Ali worse nightmare?

Kenny Norton gave ali trouble in their three fights. Frazier gave him trouble in two of their three fights (Ali won their second fight easily).

What was the first fight that Muhammad Ali lost?

Joe Frazier

What round did Muhammed Ali knock out Sonny Liston?

Muhammed Ali knocked out the fighter Sonny Liston in the first round of the fight. This happened when he saw a chance to do so 2:05 minutes into the fight.

Why is the first Ali-Frazier fight never shown on TV? may have it.

Who would win in a fight between muhammed ali and bob Marley?

Muhammed ali, probably.

How much did Muhammad ali get paid?

$5 million for the Foreman fight, $2.5 for the first Frazier fight.

Who did muhammed ali fight after he changed his name?

The rematch with Sonny Liston was his first fight after he changed his name.

When did ali and frazier fight?


Who did Joe Frazier say he wanted like a hog wants slop?

Muhammed Ali

Did muhammed ali fight a kangaroo?


How many titles did muhammed ali get?

liston, foreman, frazier 3 times

Did Mike Tyson fight muhammed ali?


What was Muhammad Ali's pro record before he lost his first pro fight?

Muhammad Ali was 31-0 before losing his first pro fight to Joe Frazier on March 8, 1971

Who did Muhammad Ali fight in the legendary fight known as The Fight of the Century?

Joe Frazier

Muhammed Ali when was your first fight?

Ali's first fight was in 1960 Oct 29 in Louisville vs Tunney Hunsaker. He won a 6 round decision and they remained for life. Ali even went to Hunsaker's funeral.

Who is a better boxer Ali or frazier?

In their first fight in 1971, "the fight of the century", Frazier clearly showed that he was better than Ali at this time, winning the fight by unanimous decision. He showed much better boxing skills than Ali and dominated Ali after the 3th round to the 15th, knocking Ali out at the beginning of the 15th, but Ali got up after counting to 3(even though Ali was 10 pounds heavier and 4 inches taller than Frazier, plus Frazier was blind on one eye). In their second fight in 1974, which was unspectacular and boring, Ali won by unanimous decision, because he showed better boxing skills. And finally in their third fight in 1975, "the Thrilla in Manila", it was a massacre between the two. Ali was close to death in the 14th round and both were depleted. Frazier's trainer Eddie Futch decided to stop the fight after the 14th round rather than risk a fate for Frazier. Frazier protested stopping the fight, shouting "I want him boss," and trying to get Futch to change his mind. Futch replied, "It's all over. No one will forget what you did here today", and signaled to referee Carlos Padilla, Jr. to end the bout. Unknown to Frazier's corner, Ali had walked back to his own corner after the 14th and instructed his trainer to cut his gloves off. Ali later said that "Frazier quit just before I did. I didn't think I could fight any more." So when you look at their fights I have to say that Frazier would have won two of their three fights, when there wouldn't have been his trainer in the 3rd fight and he might have killed Ali in the "Thrilla in Manila". The problem is that George Foreman destroyed Frazier in both of their fights, but Ali defeated Foreman easily in their first and only fight. But overall, despite the fact that Frazier was much smaller than Ali, less weighing and blind on one eye, I would say that Frazier was the better boxer of them two. But that's just my opinion. After all, I think that Joe Frazier was Ali's hardest enemy.

When was Muhammad Ali's first fight?

Ali's first fight was in 1960 Oct 29 in Louisville vs Tunney Hunsaker. He won in round sixMuhammed Ali's first professional fight was against Tunney Hunsaker on October 29, 1960.Ali even attended Tunney's funeral in 2005.

Who did Muhammad ali first lose to?

Muhammad Ali first fight he lost was in 1971 he lost to American boxer Joe Frazier that match also lost him the tittle of heavyweight champion of the world.

Did muhammed ali ever fight an argentine?

Yes, Oscar Bonavena.