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No, not while playing Major League Baseball. Mickey Mantle wore #7 for his entire career. He did wear #6 when he was first called up by the Yankees in 1951.

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Q: Did Mickey Mantle ever wear jersey number 65?
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Did Mickey Mantle ever have his name on his jersey?

Since the beginning, the Yankees haven't had names on their jerseys, so No.

Did Mickey Mantle ever wear number five?

Mickey Mantle Uniform NumbersNo. Mickey Mantle was issued uniform number 6 as a rookie in 1951. After a bad start Mickey was sent down to the minors. When Mickey was called back up to the Yankees that same year, he was issued number 7 for good.

Was mickey mantle ever injured?


Did Mickey Mantle ever play a full season?

Yes, Mickey Mantle played a full MLB season on many occasions.

Was Mickey Mantle ever a team captain for the New York Yankees?

No. Mickey Mantle was never a New York Yankees captain.

Did Mickey Mantle ever play for the Chicago White Sox?

No. Mickey Mantle played his entire career for the New York Yankees.

Who was the best outfielder ever?

Mickey Mantle or Babe Ruth

Did Mickey Mantle ever play for any other team besides the New York Yankees?

No, he did not. Mickey Mantle played all of his 18 seasons for the Yankees.

Who was better mickey mantle or Babe Ruth?

mickey mantle. Hell, when did ruth have all the injuries and operations mickey had? Tell me those injuries don't take away from you performing full potential. Yet look how great mickey still was. I have no doubt mantle was the greatest player ever.

How much is a Mickey Mantle basketball card worth?

I didn't know Mantle ever played basketball. Which team(s)?

Did Mickey Mantle ever pitch?

No, Mickey Mantle never pitched. He was an outfielder, and was moved to first base late in his career. He did play shortstop, second base, and third on occasions.

Who hit the longest recorded home run ever made in the mlb?

Mickey Mantle

Who is a famous switch hitter?

Mickey mantle is the greatest switch hitter to ever live

Did Mickey Mantle ever play at Hi Corbett Field in Tucson Az?


Was Mickey Mantle an abused child?

No. Mantle grew up in Oklahoma, was named by his father after former Major League catcher Mickey Cochran, and was groomed by his dad to be a baseball player. There is no evidence that Mantle was ever abused as a child.

What is the longest home run hit ever?

565 feet, Mickey Mantle at Yankee Stadium.

Which N Y Yankees wore 7?

The greatest switch hitter ever mickey mantle

Did QVC ever sell mickey mantle signed balls?

yes , I actually purchased one.

Where can one buy Mickey Mantle baseball cards?

Mickey Mantle was one of the greatest baseball player ever played. His baseball cards are well valued. You can buy them from many online card selling stores.

Was mickey mantle ever afraid of his life?

The men in Mickey's family lived short lives. Mickey's Father died at the age of 39, and Mantle thought his faith would be as such. Later in his life Mickey was quoted as saying that if he knew he would live this long he would have taken better care of himself.

Who are the best New York Yankees ever?

Babe Ruth, Mickey Mantle, Lou Gehrig and Derek Jeter.

How many MVP Awards did Mickey Mantle win as a New York Yankee?

Mickey Mantle won the American League MVP award, three 1956, 1957 and 1962 with the Yankees, the only team he ever played for.

What is the farthest someone has thrown a baseball?

The farthes home run ever was 634 feet by Mickey Mantle for the NY Yankees

Did mickey mantle ever sign his name mick mantle?

I have viewed 1,000s of auctions and I have never seen him sign "Mick Mantle" That's not to say that he never did. If one does exist, and properly authenticated it would sell at a high value.

Who was the best baseball player who ever lived?

thsi is an opinion but i think babe Ruth......or mickey mantle........or Jackie Robinson those are all sensiblel answers thsi is an opinion but i think babe Ruth......or mickey mantle........or Jackie Robinson those are all sensiblel answers