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No. As of the 2008 season, Miami of Ohio and the University of Michigan have met four times in football (1924, 1995, 2001, 2004) with Michigan winning each game.

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Q: Did Michigan ever beat Ohio state at Columbus?
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Can Michigan beat Ohio state?


How many times did Michigan beat Ohio state in the 1900s?

During the period 1900-1999, the Michigan beat Ohio State 54 times.

How many days since Michigan beat Ohio state?

How many days since Michigan beat Ohio state

When is the last time Iowa beat Ohio state in Columbus?


Has any team beat Ohio state and Michigan in the same season?

Between 1989-2008, that happened six times:1) 2008 - Penn State defeated Ohio State, 13-6, in Columbus and Michigan, 35-21, in Ann Arbor.2) 2000 - Purdue defeated Ohio State, 31-27, in West Lafayette and Michigan, 32-31, in West Lafayette.3) 1999 - Illinois defeated Ohio State, 46-20, in Columbus and Michigan, 35-29, in Ann Arbor.4) 1999 - Michigan State defeated Ohio State, 34-7, in East Lansing and Michigan, 34-31, in East Lansing.5) 1994 - Penn State defeated Ohio State, 63-14, in State College and Michigan, 31-24, in Ann Arbor.6) 1989 - USC defeated Ohio State, 42-3, in Los Angeles and Michigan, 17-10, in Pasadena (1990 Rose Bowl).

Who won in the Michigan versus Ohio state game in 2008?

Michigan beat Ohio St. 80-70.

How many consecutive years had Ohio State beat Michigan?

Ohio state won 43 and Michigan won 57 by the end of 2009 not counting tied games

How many times has Ohio State beat Penn State?

Lloyd Carr was head coach of Michigan from 1995-2007. Jim Tressel has been the head coach of Ohio State since 2001. During those years (2001-2007) Michigan's record against Ohio State was 1-6. Michigan's only win came in 2004 by the score of 35-21 in Ann Arbor.

When was the last time Wisconsin beat Ohio State and Michigan in Football in the same season?

If Wisconsin defeats Michigan on November 20, 2010 it will be the first time that the Badgers have defeated both Michigan and Ohio State in a single season since 1981.

What was the score of the Ohio state Michigan game in 2008?

The 1973 Michigan-Ohio State game was played November 24 in Ann Arbor. The game wound up in a 10-10 tie.

Who beat the Iowa Hawkeyes in 1985?

The Hawkeyes went 10-1 in the 1985 regular season losing only to Ohio State, 22-13, in Columbus on November 2.

How many times has ohio state beat michigan in football?

Michigan leads the series , 57-42-6 Over Ohio State. It is the closest Major Rivalry the past 50 years in sports history, Ohio State leading by 5, the past 80 years, it is also the closest, Ohio State leading by 1.