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Well they are married so it is safe to assume that they have kissed.

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Q: Did Michelle mccool kiss the undertaker yet?
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Is Michelle McCool is having a baby with the Undertaker?

Not yet, but maybe in the future

Does Michelle mccool have kids?

No she doesn't have kids yet, but She is getting married to The Undertaker,Aka Mark Callaway.

Who is the undertaker's girlfriend?

undertaker doesnt have a girlfriend,he has a wife.her name is sara callaway.they have been married 4 a long time.he is not dating Michelle mccool and he never has,they were just doing something together and sara knew about it,taker and sara have not gotten a divorce yet. Sorry to burst your bubble, but the Undertaker and Sara are divorced. He IS dating Michelle McCool.

Is mark callaway divorced FROM WIFE SARA?

NO. June 30 2008 They have split up but have not filed for divorce yet July 7 2010 they are divorced Undertaker married Michelle McCool

Did undertaker kiss his wife yet?

Yeah, why wouldn't he?

What caused the undertaker to die?

Undertaker is not deas as yet.

Is Kane lying about who injured undertaker?

Nobody is sure yet, the writers of the storyline probably haven't even decided yet, Glenn Jacobs who performs as Kane is just acting the script provided, the bookers ('authors' of wrestling shows) will decide fairly soon whether he is lying or telling the truth. But the true reason of Undertaker being inactive, is that Mark Calaway who performs as the Undertaker suffered a concussion and broken orbital bone in his 28 May 2010 SmackDown! match with Rey Mysterio. He also recently married fellow wrestler Michelle McCool.

Has john cena been on the show ''are you smarter than a 5th grader''?

Not Yet .... Big Show, Miz, John Morrison, Michelle McCool and MVP Have All Been On The Show Though

Has the undertaker from WWE retired yet?


Did Bray Wyatt call out Undertaker?

Yep. Undertaker hasn't responded yet, though, to my nowledge.

Has Princeton Had His First Kiss Yet?

no he has not yet

How many kids does Michelle Kwan has?

Michelle Kwan is not married yet.

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