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Q: Did Michelle McCool say yes to Edge when he asked her?
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Does Michelle McCool smoke?

No she does not smoke . She is very healthy . Why would you say that Michelle Mccool takes steroids

Who is stronger Melina or Michelle mccool?

Sure Michelle McCool I would say Melina is stronger. Why? Because she used to do the "matrix move" as the commentators said. Not only does that take flexibility, but to be able to stand up from that, it takes strenght.

Which WWE divas are still lesbian in 2009?

rumors say Candice,mickie,Michelle mccool and that's all.

Is undertaker really seeing someone else?

Mark Calloway, which plays The Undertaker on WWE, was married to Sara Calloway. This was the reason why he has a tattoo on his neck that says her name. Rumors have been going around that Michelle McCool is his girlfriend.

Does the miz have a girlfriend 2011?

He use to date layla'kelly kelly' and Michelle mccool.... but they say he does with layla now... he doesn't have a girlfriend. He never dated Layla, Kelly Kelly, or Michelle McCool.. whomever wrote that is TOTALLY lieing. Each one of thoses girls have a boyfriend. TMZ reports and "The Miz" has also says that HE IS dating Maryse. Check it out Welcome.

How do you say Michelle in polish?

There is no equivalent of Michelle in Polish language. You can just say "Michelle".

Is layla and Michelle mccool still friend?

no, because layla keeps losing every match and people keep saying bad things about there team and michelle got really mad then layla had set up a therapy for them and i di not work out and michelle said layla u r not even flawless and layla started crying and michelle said no layla im sorry and michlle gave her a huge then layla wanted to say thank you for coming for the therapy and michelle came back and started trowing her on the coach and she made layla hit her head on the coach and i was like michelle how r u going to do your best friend like that and michelle started bullying her even when they where friends!!!!!!!! and layla wanted a match between her and michelle and layla won and michelle had to be out of wwe because layla said lets have a match both of us and how ever lose is out of wwe then michelle is know longer on wwe anymore i was happy and sad because i love michelle mccool and layla so one of my fave person is gone bye michelle and hello layla

What is Michelle McCool's address?

Michelle McCool receives mail at: WWE, Inc., (Company), 1241 East Main Street, Stamford, CT 06902. If requesting an autograph, be sure to include a self-addressed and properly stamped envelope.

How do you say Michelle in Russian?

Michelle - Misha

How do you say Michelle in hawaiian?

Michelle in Hawaiian is Mikala.

How do you say my name is Michelle in Finnish?

Minun nimeni on Michelle.

Are sara and mark callaway still married?

according to recent research, no they aren't. some articles claim they have been separated for about a year now, but i believe that far from true. rumours that have now spread say that Mark and Michelle McCool are dating and are going very well together. the recent divorce of mark and sara may be the reason behind the disappearance of the sara tattoo on his neck on his Undertaker pictures. i, am really inluv with mark, so i am quite jealous of Michelle! :) but... they are obviously happy so yer... anyone who is against the two can go to hell, it is their life. if you're gonna hate Mark and or Michelle for the decison they have decided to make then you seriously suck.