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Yes, they broke up a long time ago.

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Q: Did Michelle MCcool and chuck palumbo date?
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Who did the undertaker date?

Michelle McCool

What is Michelle McCool's birth date?

January 25, 1981

Michelle McCool date?

She is currently dating Mark Calaway aka the undertaker

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Dave batista kiss Michelle mccool

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Did undertaker ever date any WWE divas?

The Undertaker married WWE diva Michelle McCool on June 26, 2010 in Houston, TX

Does the miz have a girlfriend 2011?

He use to date layla'kelly kelly' and Michelle mccool.... but they say he does with layla now... he doesn't have a girlfriend. He never dated Layla, Kelly Kelly, or Michelle McCool.. whomever wrote that is TOTALLY lieing. Each one of thoses girls have a boyfriend. TMZ reports and "The Miz" has also says that HE IS dating Maryse. Check it out Welcome.

Why did the undertaker date michell mccool?

Because he likes her.

Who Michelle mccool date with?

She is currently having an affair with CMPunk hopefully 'Taker don't find out! Please quit making up lies, she is not having an affair with CM Punk she is very happily married to the Undertaker, and CM punk is dating Lita

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