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Q: Did Michelle Kwan ever roller skated?
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Did Michelle Kwan ever roller skate before she ice skated?


Did Michelle Kwan ever have braces?

no Michelle Kwan never had braces she was born with strait teeth

Did Michelle Kwan ever go to the Olympics?

Yes, Michelle Kwan has been to the Olympics twice. She has won a silver medal in 1998 and a bronze medal in 2002.

Has michelle kwan ever been married?

Nope, we would all hear lots about it if she had!

Did Michelle Kwan ever brake any bones while skating?

yes all of them!!

When did Sasha Cohen become a famous skater?

Ever since she beat Michelle Kwan on the short program at the 2000 Nationals and placed second overall, getting a silver medal!

In mph what is the fastest a human has ever skated?

39 mph

Has cena ever been out with Michelle mccool?

NO, he has never been out with Michelle McCool.

Has batista ever dated Michelle mccool?

No, Michelle McCool is on Smackdown and Batista is on Raw.

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Does the bizzaro roller coaster have loops?

No, but it has really big drops and is probably the best roller-coaster I have ever been on.

Was Michelle Parker ever found?

Sad tO say, but no.

Has Michelle ever been arrested?


Where can you find pictures of the first roller coaster built?

you can find pictures of the first roller coaster ever built, in google.

When was the the first roller coaster ever built?


Was Michelle Obama ever a babysitter?

yes she was

Has Michelle Obama ever been arrested?


Who is the best Diva ever?

Michelle McCool!

Did Michelle duggar ever have a miscarriage?


Do Michelle dugger parents ever help her?

Unfortunately no... as of June 18, 2010, both of Michelle's parents are deceased.

Who is Dylan H?

Best roller hockey player ever!

Who made the first roller coaster ever?

Harry Houdini

What is the fastest roller coaster ever built?

Formula Roussa

What is the average velocity of a roller coaster?

no one will ever know

how to equip roller blades in pokemon y?

what i have heard is you can't ever unequip them.