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Q: Did Micheal Schumacher deliberatly crash into Damon Hill at the 1994 Australian grand prix?
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Who won formula1 in 1998?

The 1998 formula 1 season was closely contested between Mika Hakkinen of McLaren and Micheal Schumacher of Ferrari. Eventually in the end, Mika Hakkinen was able to beat Micheal and win the drivers world championship for 1998. Hakkinen won 8 and Schumacher won 6 races that season. In fact, David Coulthard and Damon Hill were the only two drivers to manage to win a race that season. Each of them won 1 race each. All other races were won by Hakkinen and Schumacher.

Who won the Begium Grand Prix in 1998?

Mika Hakkinen in his McLaren Mercedes started the 1998 Belgian GP in pole position. Damon Hill in his Jordan-Mugen-Honda won the race. His teammate Ralf Schumacher finished in 2nd place. Jean Aleisi in his Sauber Petronas finished in 3rd place. Micheal Schumacher in his Ferrari set the fastest lap of the race.

Who was the Australian learder during World War 2?

Matt Damon

Micheal Schumacher How many World Championships did he win?

AnswerMichael Schumacher has won 7 world championship titles (1994, 1995, 2000, 2001, 2002, 2003, 2004)Although his 1994 world championship title is a controversial one as he collided with rival and 1994 runner up Damon Hill in what many consider to be an intentional attempt to stop Hill from finishing the race.

Who won 1994 formula 1 grand prix?

The F1 world drivers' championship was won by Michael Schumacher in the year 2004. He was driving for Ferrari. There were only 4 people who won races that year. They were: a. Michael Schumacher - 8 races b. Damon Hill - 6 races c. Gerhard Berger and Nigel Mansell - 1 race each

Who was Formula 1 World Champion in 1995?

Michael Schumacher won the Championship in 1995. He was racing for Benetton and finished 33 points ahead of second placed Damon Hill. Benetton won the Constructors Championship - they were 29 points ahead of Williams.

Which driver won the grand Prix title in 2000 and 1999 and who won the Belgian grand P rix in 1998?

Michael Schumacher won the title in 2000 Mika Hakkinen won it in 1999] Damon Hill won the 1998 Belgium GP

Who is better schumacher or Hamilton?

Only time will tell. They have never raced together, Schumacher has 7 Driver's championships, Hamilton has 1. Schumacher won 91 races, Hamilton has won 10, but Hamilton is still active. Also it took Schumacher 3 years to win a world title and 2 years to even win a race where as hamilton won his second ever race and won his title second time out so hamilton has shown himself to be better so far but as it has already said only time will tell. Also Hamilton has never cheated to win his races unlike schumacher who ramed Damon hill of the track in 1995 to win the world title and to mika haikonnen whom he knocked off the track and got kicked out of the championship for cheating!!!!

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