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Q: Did Micheal Jordan red shirt in college?
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What does RS on college football roster mean?

Red Shirt

What is the meaning of red shirt in college basketball?

The meaning of red shirt in college basketball is the same as other sports. The term is applied to a player who chooses to sit out for a season, usually after suffering a severe injury.

What happens if a red shirt college player plays?

He loses his redshirt status.

What is the difference between Red Shirt and Grey Shirt status in college wrestling?

Red is a SODING dope and grey is a stupid poxy slap on the floor with Joyce

How many years can a student play in college?

5 is they are a red shirt freshman

How do you red shirt in college sports?

you have to get that from the coach and it is when you sit on the sidelines for the season and you learn the teams playbook

How many plays can a junior college baseball player play and still red shirt?


What will take in more heat a red shirt or a white shirt?

Red Shirt

What's the color of Chicago Bears t shirt?

The Chicago bears t shirt is red which is the signature color the the football team. The Chicago bears t shirt because of the color red is usually confused with the Chicago Bulls t shirt of which Michael Jordan made famous. But the colors are the same for the Chicago bears t shirt and the Chicago Bulls t shirt.

My car is red or my shirt is blue My car is not red Therefore my shirt is not blue?

If the car isn't red then the shirt IS blue.

Which colors are reflected by a red shirt?

A red shirt does not reflect color.

If there is an injury ten minutes into a women's college soccer game what is the red shirt rule?

Soccer itself has no "red shirt" rule. The term "red shirt" as applied to college athletics is about eligibility to, in general, play for "another year" because a player "sat out a season" due to injury, scholastic performance or the like. The particulars may require a good bit of interpretation, but they are set down in the case of college athletics by the NCAA. A link to their site is provided.

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