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Q: Did Micheal Jordan play junior high basketball?
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What Micheal Jordan studied in College and high school?


When did Micheal Jordan first play basketball?

AT Ensley A. Lanely high school.

Did Michael Jordan play junior high basketball?

Michael Jordan played for his JR high and High school. In high school. He played for Junior Varsity team and played for Varsity.

Who was michael jordan junior high basketball coach?

Chris P. Bacon

Why did Micheal Jordan like basketball?

Because he wanted to be noticed so he decided to join the basketball team in High School.

Who are the basketball players who have smashed the backboard?

Shaq, Micheal Jordan Lebron in high school and vince sanity carter in high school.

What high flying basketball star known as his airness and famous for his distinctive shoes turns 48 today?

Micheal Jordan

Did micheal jordan play high school basketball?

No he just woke up one day and decided to become the greatest basketball player in history. Of coarse he did.

What High School did Micheal Jordan go to?

Lany high

What is the length of a basketball court in Junior High?

The length of a Junior High basketball court is 74 feet long .

How high can Michael Jordan jump?

Micheal Jordan can jump up to 4 feet high.

How high is a basketball net for junior high girls?

its ten feet just like any other junior/high school gane of basketball

How high is a junior high school basketball hoop?

I play on a junior high basketball team. And its 10FT. same with middle school, (which includes 6th grade)

What high school did Micheal Jordan attend?

Laney Highschool

What team did Micheal Jordan play for in high school?

Laney High School

Where did Micheal Jordan go to high school?

Laney High School in wilmington NC

What is the height of junior high basketball hoops?

The heighth for Jr. High Basketball hoops is 10 feet.

Is wearing an athletic supporter mandatory in junior high basketball?

It might not be mandatory to wear an athletic supporter in junior high basketball, but it's a good idea.

How can basketball players be compared with birds?

Micheal Jordan is a good example of being compared to a bird. They can be compared to bird by how they dunk and/or jump shots or even how high they jump....

Can you give me a short story of micheal jordan?

he was really good at basketball but didnt get picked for his high school team so then he trained and trained and then become world class

What year did Nike elite socks come out?

Around 2010 or 2011 because i was watching a high-school basketball game where Micheal Kidd-Gilchreast was a junior and he had on nike elite socks and is now a sophmore in kentucky basketball

What is the size of a junior high basketball field in meters?


Where did micheal Jordan go to college?

Micheal Jordan was born on February 17, 1963, in Brooklyn, New York. The family moved to Wilmington, NC when Micheal was a child. His father was working as a supervisor at GE plant. Jordan attended Laney High school in North Carolina. He had a love for sports but failed to make to the high school team but succeeded in the following year. Jordan was awarded a basketball scholarship to the University of North Carolina, where he played under head coach Dean Smith.

Can junior high play in a junior high basketball tournament and a high school game on the same day?

Yes, well it depends on your schedule.

What pro athletes did not start playing their sport in high school?

Micheal Jordan