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no, she was not aloud to

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Q: Did Michael Oher's biological mother look for him?
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How do you find out who you biological mother is?

The hospital you were born in has your records, or you can look on your birth certificate.

Who can get custody of the child if the mother is deceased the biological father or the mother's mother?

Each situation is different and there is no set answer. The judge will decide. If the biological father is a fit parent then he will most likely be awarded custody. The grandmother would most likely have visitation rights. The judge will look at the situation and decide what is best for the welfare of the child.

What does faith hills mother look like?

Faith Hill's adoptive parents are Ted and Edna Perry. Her biological parents are Edwin and Paula White.

How could you identify the biological drugs?

by look

If the biological father has no rights do you need his permission when adopting the child when marrying the biological mother?

You need to see a lawyer. Look for "Legal Aid" in your state as they offer free or low-cost legal advice. If someone is the "biological" father, he doesn't adopt the child, it is his child. He is legally obligated (in the USA) to provide support (money) for the child's needs. The only exception is if the mother was married to another man at the time of the birth, then legally the husband is considered the baby's father (even if everyone knows and admits that the other man is the baby's biological father). If you're asking whether the biological father can be forced to take care of the child in his own house, the answer is "no" he can give up his parental rights to the child. If you're asking whether the biological father can take the child away from the mother and her boyfriend/husband, the answer is "maybe" if he can PROVE to a court that the baby's mother is unfit and he (the biological father) is a better parent. If the father WANTS to be involved in the baby's life even though the mother has a new boyfriend/husband, the father MUST be allowed to have visitation with his child. Not allowing him to see the child may cause the courts to consider the mother not fit to raise the child. Again, GET LEGAL ADVICE from a lawyer.

What is Keyshia Cole's mother's name?

Frankie (mother) Keyshia Cole's biological dad is Tyrone Thompson he is alive and well! You may look him up on Facebook. or YouTube: Keyshia Cole DNA. Hope that this helps those who care to have and know the TRUTH!

What was in Michael Jackson's will?

He wanted his mother to become the custodian of his children and if she is dead or incapable of looking after the children he wanted Diana Ross to look after them. For his estate, he left: 40% for his three children. 40% for his mother. 20% for charities . Nothing for his father Joe Jackson.

Why do Michael Jackson's kids not have African American traits?

Michael Jackson's children do have African American traits but the thing is that they are bi-racial meaning that their mother was American and their father was African American. If you see them in person, they do look half American and half African American.

Who did Mother Teresa look after?

Mother Teresa looked after the poor.

How can you look like Michael Jackson?

You can't. There is only one Michael Jackson.

Who is Michael Jackson's look a like?

Navi and E'Casanova, they are Michael's "official" impersonators.

Are Michael Jackson's kids related to him?

Yes becuz if you look at blanket the youngest one, doesnt he look like Michael. And i saw an interview when Michael said that he was there when every child was born.